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Darwin Digits's services include data analysis services, software development and project management and consultancy.



Bioinformatics and genomics data analysis

We assist in the analysis and interpretation of complex data, such as micro-array, sequence, transcriptome or SNP data. Examples are

-   Sequence variations, mapping and comparisons,

-   functional and pathway annotation,

-   gene abundance and frequency analysis,

-   patterns of transcript expression,

-   gene network analysis, e.g. with Bayesian probabilities of regulatory relations,

-   modelling of biological processes,

-   pharmaco- and toxicogenomics.


Laboratory software development

We develop customized software for life science laboratory or business, examples are

-   Automated sequence analysis or comparisons,

-   Data integration from readout machine to LIMS,

-   Web applications to give users insight into research or laboratory information.



We advise on several aspects of Informatics in Life Science to best meet your business objectives:

-   IT: Business process analysis in order to advise on and improve IT infrastructure for better efficiency,

-   IT: Selection and implementation of an information management system (e.g. LIMS, ERP) based on analysis of business,

-   IT: Design of a tailored Information Management System (e.g. LIMS, ERP),

-   human resource: function profiles fit to your business needs,

-   communication: bioinformatics, life science informatics or genomics research and innovation.


Project management

We believe that experience in both informatics and biology provides the right skils to manage complex Life Science projects.

-   research and development or other scientific projects, ranging form drug discovery programs to LIMS implementation,

-   science and society projects, e.g. genomics, bioinformatics.

Darwin Digits guarantees the best standards in quality and confidentiality.







Genomics Data Analysis


Laboratory software development



Project management



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